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A Discussion On Internal Security Within The Palestinian Authority

This month Platform got a chance to speak with Fatah and Palestinian MP Kareem Al- Shams. We discussed how the security situation in the West Bank has impacted Palestinians living in Jericho and across other areas. We hope you enjoy reading!

Platform: Do you think the rising hostilities by jihadi groups in the West Bank will reach the Jericho governorate of the West Bank?

Kareem: While there have been some amongst the camps outside of Jericho city who are sympathetic with these groups, I firmly believe that the Palestine security forces are more than capable of deterring them.

Platform: Do you think that the rise of the militant group Lion's Den will make it harder for the Jericho region to build new tourist attractions and could negatively impact the Palestinian economy in the region?

Kareem: Unfortunately yes, we have seen a vast increase in the number of people avoiding Jericho and our vendors have all suffered.

Platform: What do you think of what happened in Nablus to the German tourist called Gerald Hetzel?

Kareem: While I don’t believe foreign tourists should receive such violent treatment, it was ill advised for him to enter with such an Israeli marked car. And I advise other tourists, including those who are Jewish, to arrive in a neutral manner.

Platform: Do you think it is in the interest of Fatah to protect tourists in a more visible manner?

Kareem: Yes, I believe we should have our security forces further patrolling any popular sites in the West Bank. We should do it not only for the sake of the tourists, but also to decrease the IDF presence in the region. Their presence is only a hindrance that does not allow for Fatah to solve Fatah problems.

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