Edition 24: Premonitions

While the future may be unknown, there are many predictions and prescriptions of what it should or ought to hold. Check out this edition to learn about the developments that have drawn the world's attention!

Israel’s Challenges In Gaza: Examining Some Post-War Scenarios

With the old policy now apparently dead, the question of what replaces “mowing the grass” follows...(7-minute read)

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7 min read

Haley Rising: An Update On The Republican Presidential Primary

Exploring Haley's potential path to victory

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3 min read

Why People in the West Need to Stop Giving Visas to Palestinians

Argues the case for banning visas to those supporting Palestinian terrorism

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4 min read

Responding To Terror And Tragedy: A Conversation With Shalom Menora

Mr. Menora is one person who responded and helped coordinate the societal response to the October 7th massacre and war...(8-minute read)

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8 min read
Editor's Note
The world is still reeling from the events of  October 7th in Israel and the military operation in Gaza. From protests to post-war scenarios, there is so much to analyze. In the United States, the Republican presidential primary session witnesses a rise in the polls for Nikki Haley. We hope you enjoy reading our 24th Edition, "Premonitions "!
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